I cut my teeth as a Design Director at Boston’s largest ad agency, Hill Holliday. But for the last three decades, I’ve been Creative Director for Tomlinson Design and Senior Art Director & Designer for major agencies and corporations. I bring a wealth of experience, maturity, and vision to companies looking for a strategic creative partner who firmly believes that the best approach to branding is the one we create together.

How it all began.

My ancestors were fur traders, wealthy landowners, and tenant farmers from Europe.

My DNA Day 1 Ancestors From France

They lived in Canada, then fled to the US during the French and Indian War.

My DNA Day 2 Fur & Maria

My family settled in Massachusetts, where my dad became a package designer and my mom a seamstress.

My DNA Day 3 Mom & Dad

Why I became a designer.

I misspent my youth hanging loose in my Dad’s design office, watching Bill Senior create powerful packaging designs for well-known Nabisco brands. Not only did I love chowing down on countless sample boxes of Junior Mints, Pom Poms, and Charleston Chews, I thought it was cool to see the stuff my Dad designed sitting on store shelves and racked up in vending machines. He actually got paid for this? Sounded too good to be true. So once my Dad paid off the dentist, I decided to apply to Art School. Figured it would be a pretty sweet career.